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Welcome to our USCLOUDMINER mining platform. The company team is working on the creation of mining equipment for a very long time, we have studied all the nuances and have made significant progress. In connection with the development of cryptocurrency mining, we decided to provide our equipment for the target audience who do not want to make their life difficult with building farms, learning algorithms and paying big money for electricity. We are ready to present to your attention a completely new generation platform! In the global network, you will not be able to find competitors equal to us.
Certificate of Incorporation

USCLOUDMINER is a guarantee of daily profit, namely 1% -3% in 24 hours. Withdrawals are guaranteed to arrive in your account within 48 hours. Also, each user who has registered on the platform will receive a $5 bonus from USCLOUDMINER!

If you have any difficulties or have questions, you can always contact our support service [email protected] You can also contact telegram Support

Referral system

Bonus 1

Sign up bonus 170 GH/s worth $5

Bonus 2

your friends sign up and you will get 20 GH/s

Bonus 3

You will receive 9% in GH/s on your balance from a friend's deposit

Bonus 4

You will receive 6% in hash power from a friend's friend's deposit

Bonus 5

You will receive 3% in hash power from a friend's friend's friend's deposit

Also, for registering your account, you get $5 (170 GH/s) as a welcome bonus. Which you can invest and get profit right now. Calculate how much you can earn with Affiliate Program

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How to become a partner of USCLOUDMINER mining company?

To become our partner, you just need to go through a simple registration and get free 5$ (170 GH/s)!

I can't activate mining?

Mining is activated automatically and brings you profit. To increase your daily income, make a deposit.

What to do immediately after registration?

You need to log into your account, then go to the mining page and activate your mining. Mining will be active and will bring you profit.To increase your daily income, make a deposit.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

0.005 BTC, 2 USDT(TRC20) , 150 TRX, 0.03 ETH